Blow molded tray brand new material and an ordinary tray difference

New blow molded tray: no, not newer blow molded tray, but do not add any recycled material, new plastic particles produced in 100%, bright colors of goods, a high degree of transparency.
Solution is most simple difference between seeing colors, bright colors, gloss is produced in new material, and adding the recycled blown pallet pale, matte.
New blow molded tray uniform application of span 8-10 years, usually blow molded tray using life span evenly 5-7, assuming that no special needs, manufacturers can use usually blow molded tray, cleaning needs, especially food, high blow molded tray career suggested the use of new materials. Appropriate long-term working capital use.
Blow plastic tray itself is can recycling of, can to manufacturers to three block old tray to produced manufacturers for a with type new tray, recycling of blow plastic tray broken blew up cleaning processing made grain Hou, became regeneration plastic particles, usually material blow plastic tray is with must proportion regeneration plastic particles and new plastic particles mixed in with produced of, not as of blow plastic tray produced manufacturers added again raw of proportion is not as of, some small manufacturers even using 100% recycling material produced.