Blow molded tray required for stacking the goods

1, bag: bagged items generally in access time, in accordance with the five took the duo to pile up, the first layer is horizontal two vertical and three, 2nd instead, the third with the first layer, each layer so there will be no gap, let the tray even by force, and make maximum use of blow molded tray.
2, rack mounted: items on the tray of the Division to pay attention, to the selection of suitable size and load bearing of blow molded tray according to the shelf width selection accordingly. Generally on store shelves for pallet, must pay attention to the weight of pallet goods, does not exceed the tray shelf load ranges.
3, containing: General goods containing mainly in accordance with the joint approach, first after the goods in place, second in the first floor of the gap, by analogy, so both structured and convenient to display and to make products more secure, stress contrast evenly, and maintenance blow molded tray does not bend.