Blow molding tray how to open market

1, light and robust
For each local climatic conditions, now have a variety of plastic can be used in high-strength blow molding of plastic pallets, products hollow blow molding pallets than wooden, iron, plastic trays lighter, robust application, using lower cost.
2, uniform wall thickness
Large blow moulding machine blow molding equipment, installation of 100 point axial wall thickness control device, ensures that pallets two bearing uniform wall thickness distribution to ensure that product performance is more stable and reliable.
3, health
Sanitary inspection request, excellent weatherability, chemical resistance, easy cleaning, sterilizing and not moldy.
4, security
Fancy goods and protection no nails, no thorns, operations staff, good space. Impact-resistant, antistatic, friction sparks. Suitable for storage of flammable materials and the transport of dangerous goods.
5, economic
Without repair. Can be used more than 5 years in succession, life expectancy is 15 times times the wood pallet.
6, anti-slip
For special non-slip surface processing technology, need not concern goods slide.
7, cycle use
Will scrap the pallet to recover recycled from plastic trays, adapt to the trend of circular economy.