Blow molding tray selection of materials and structures

Blow molding tray material: according to the different application environment, the selection of different raw materials of hollow blow molding tray.
(1) temperature status: not the same using the temperature directly affects the selection of hollow blow molding pallets production. This is as hollow blow molding tray information because they do not have their normal function of the temperature scale. Food plastic blow molding tray application temperature is between +40~-2.
(2) humidity: some hollow blow molding tray information because there is a strong moisture absorption, such as blow molding tray cannot be used in humid environment, or will directly affect their working life.
(3) environmental cleaning degree: high levels of pollution of the environment
Insist on pollution-resistance hollow blow molding tray, easy to clean. Foods blow molding of plastic pallets, composite wood hollow blow molding tray and so on.