Classification of blow molded tray

Under blow molded trays of different shapes, you can divide the tray into the tray, column-pallets, box pallets, wheeled pallet and special-purpose tray. Among them, the first four pallets with high adaptability, multiple, small, and mixed, allowing for bulk, packaging of goods.
Flat pallets: pallet also claimed the Tablet tray, generally say the tray refers to the flat tray. It is the most widely used, use in large quantities, versatile best.
Flat pallets can be further classified as follows: basis of the support table is different, flat pallets divided into single-sided, single-sided, double-sided use four and Airfoil. Single-tray only one deck, structural strength smaller, suitable for light loads to smaller pallets, single-sided tray not stacking. Single use pallets two to have a deck, but only one can be laden, the pallet is more common. Use both sides of tray surface of decks, and are the loading surface, strength, can be placed in the roll simply transported on a conveyor or stacker, used in the transport industry. Wing trays can be divided into two types: single-and double-wing. Their function is basically the same, single deck stringer highlighted at both ends of the side on the wing, in handling with a crane for use with; the wings, in the prominent lateral longitudinal beams at each end of the deck. According to forklift fork into different ways, flat pallets can be divided into one-way fork in, bi-directional fork to fork into type, four people-three. One-way only one socket of the pallet fork type. Double people's trays in the face of the two sockets, structural strength, and more. Four forks into four sides of the pallet jack, in railway freight cars, truck and warehouse needs to transform this pallet pallet direction to stack.