Investigation of blow plastic pallet industry growth

Blow molding tray is generally made of wood, metal, fibreboard, plastics, and other materials produced, especially now with plastic blow molding tray for trends. In 2009, the State Council issued the logistics industry restructuring and revitalization plan, for the development of the logistics industry provides strong motivation. Plastic blow molding tray used as a key product of the logistics industry, has also ushered in its era. More exciting 2015 due to European debt, debt crisis factors economic downturn has increased pressure on the formation of plastics career down the grim situation of the whole, and plastic blow molding tray career suffered in the difficult grind through the transformation through structural adjustment, Chong Hing path, still insist on added momentum, significantly better than the relevant occupations. Plastic blow molding tray add 2015 AO-related occupations.
2015 from beginning to end in September, under the influence of continuing deterioration in the external economic environment and China's export slump, warehouse plastic blow molding pallets produced by weighing the impact of the company, beginning to recover until mid-April. Even so, the 2015 China storage plastic hollow blow molded tray annual output has reached 30 million to 40 million. Get rid of various factors in the process, warehouse plastic blow molding tray, China now has about 840 million. Reduced the proportion of wood hollow blow molding tray plastic blow molding tray's share rose sharply, hollow blow molding of metal pallets, composite hollow blow molding tray, paper type blow molding of hollow blow molding tray tray share slightly add, believes the data to be late 2015 hollow blow molding tray for the fifth national census on hollow blow molding tray talent results.