Plastic pallets advantages

1, blow molded tray to prevent goods loading and unloading in the process of falling.
During the process of transportation, loading and unloading, forklift, pallet loaded goods is easy to shake loose and blow molded tray unique flexible Qu Li is good to avoid this problem.
2, blowing plastic bending of the pallet is to be aware of.
Blow molded tray placed in transport shelf above, there will be a certain degree of bending and bent will continue to deepen, but plastic pallet in an automatic warehouse if bent
Music must not be more than a centimeter.
3, blow molded trays have excellent impact resistance and long service life.
Blow molded tray after subjected to impact, to cushion the impact, reduce the force of impact. Impact resistance and wear resistance of blow molded tray is great, it also makes it possible to
Has a longer service life.
4, blow molding tray is more convenient to use.
Blow molded tray metal weight of pallets, wooden pallets are lightweight, which makes handling blow molded tray more easily.