Plastic pallets have what characteristics

1. it is an environmentally friendly pallets, blow molded tray the main raw material for plastics, plastic can be recycled, which greatly saves resources, in line with our
Advocates of taking the road of sustainable development.
2. structure of blow molded tray is integrated, exterior design is also more compact, it's very practical, facilitating enterprise warehouse operation and field management, the logistics and transport
Is extremely beneficial to the industry.
3. the long period of a blow molded tray, it is used in the process, basically will be a big impact, its durability is very high. Blow molded tray, injection molding and blow molding
Molded trays have other tray no advantages, its service life is about eight or nine times times the traditional wooden pallets.
4. blow molding tray is the standardization of production, through advanced technology and equipment produced by the blow molded tray regardless of weight or dimensions are in accordance with the relevant standard, making
To tray to meet different user needs.