Why are plastic trays so durable

1. blow molded trays produced are mainly polyethylene of the high density and low pressure, it has very good material can be used in a low pressure environment. Plastic tray if it is pure
Manufacture of raw materials, it can be used in a lingxiasanshidu environment. As of right now, strong, blowing plastic pallets are made of special plastic blow molding, it weighs
Reached about three hundred thousand or four hundred thousand, this kind of blow molded tray when the ambient temperature has a strong ability to adapt, can withstand the temperature limits.
2. blow molding tray temperature the more widely used, so popular, some high-intensity environment in use now will preferred blow molded tray tray, although this support
Raw material costs are higher, but their service life is long, almost 5-10 years, it seems, in fact, its cost is relatively low ...
3. blow molding tray is generally heavier than other injection molded plastic tray, relative loading capacity is stronger, so equivalent goods are stored when using blow molding tray using life
Life is long.