Blow Molded Trays This Year News

Blow molded tray industry news: blow molded tray industry community is getting huge. First manifested in lots of seemed to have a machine called blow molding machine two growing pallet manufacturer, such as Dale. Of course in practice there is perhaps some so-called "blow molded pallet manufacturer" is not fact, but are they really blow molded tray implementation, implementation, a surplus of jobs, blow molded tray label them in all major communities, the forces of the community is indeed more and more great. Of course there really have a single injection produces other goods manufacturers in other industries to switch to blow molded tray production making it to. A certain extent caused all the overcapacity in the industry.

Blow molded pallet industry dynamics II: price competition into the trend of vicious competition. In many later participate in the future of the industry, rude retort that regardless of the outcome of cost and brand integrity portrayed poor raw materials, low cost, low price to sell directly, tried in vain to agile to find a place for themselves in the industry. A method of rough growth feels overwhelming, but also brings the same consumer doubts about the integrity of all industries. First of all, a blow molded tray looks the same product, why not the same price is there such a big gap between and, secondly, some companies use a bad blow after the pallets of goods, became a being being bitten, twice shy of the Decade. For all the contempt and fear; in addition, some in good faith and interests directly to shake the fruit company, increase the weight of abandoning good faith seek interest.