Blow Mould With A Simple Structure, But Also Easier To Manufacture

Blow molding is also known as hollow blow molding, a rapid development of plastic processing methods. The thermoplastic resin is extruded or injection molded into a tubular plastic parison which is heated (or heated to a softened state), placed in a split mold, and immediately after the mold is closed,Blow Mould compressed air is introduced into the parison, Swelling and close to the mold wall, the cooling stripping, that is, to get a variety of hollow products. The same time as

Commonly used materials are aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, bottle and bottom of the bottle are generally used steel pieces. Blow mold in the main process is completed, generally in order to eliminate stress and improve their hardness are required for heat treatment. When the punch mold design, the mold material generally choose 45 # or 40Cr and other materials. In the choice of hardness of the mold quenching, we should give full consideration to the mold and punch gas needle processing and the cost of their own cost, the general need for more convenient processing of gas needle is relatively low in the heat treatment is generally designed to HRC43-45 . The hardness of the mold is chosen as HRC50-53, so that the high cost of the mold during the use of the mold because the hardness is higher than the punch gas so the wear is much smaller than the punch gas needle when the contact parts wear serious only change red Mouth gas can be.

1, equidistant open and close mold; equidistant open and close mold structure,Blow Mould is composed of two halves of the mold cavity, the work can be used horizontal or vertical up and down direction, equidistant to open and close the mold action; can also be used The template is fixed, and moved by another template to complete the mold opening and closing mode action.

      The hinge mold is characterized by the fact that the two halves of the mold cavity are connected by a hinge into two parts. The two halves are driven by manual or mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic, Circular arc action, complete the two halves of the template opening and closing mode action. This mold structure is simple, but also easier to manufacture, more suitable for the shape of a simple hollow blow molding.

      3, the special form of mold; blow molding of a wide range of hollow products for a number of special forms of hollow structure of the structure,Blow Mould such as double-wall structure of hollow products, with air sandwich box and multi-layer material composite forming shaped hollow Products and other products of the molding, it should be applied to the special form of mold, to meet the needs of product molding.