Blow Tray Forming Method

1. extrusion-blow molding
Blow plastic tray of extrusion-hollow blow plastic forming and usually of hollow finished blow plastic forming approach has communicates of local, but due to its commodity compared big, and is double type, needs larger of extrusion machine, and collection die machine and mold,, but mold, and equipment of input to than injection forming small, cost relative lower, but, its finished not dense, flat degrees poor, wall thick uniform control also compared hard.
2. extrusion method (Assembly)
Use the extruder, die equipment, parting out as upper and lower panels with slats and as networking support panels for use in connection with I-with a double wing, and then assembled. Wood-Plastic Composites Show promotes the development of extrusion blow molded tray, it is based on natural plant fibers and waste plastic as the main raw material, blow molded tray with wood texture, water, pest-resistant strength, and sawing, planing, nails.
3. vacuum molding
This approach produced of blow plastic tray has single type and double type, single type sucking plastic tray more for small motor and the wire disc, packaging, and transport; double type sucking plastic tray for assembled type, is divided into 2 species way: Shang half tablets for extrusion of set long, and set wide plastic plate, Xia half tablets for large vacuum sucking plastic finished; Shang, and Xia half tablets are for large of vacuum sucking plastic finished.