Hot Runner Preform Mould Automation, Improve The User's Production Efficiency

What is Hot Runner Preform Mould?

One of the main functions of the Hot Runner Preform Mould is to keep the plastic melt in the Hot Runner Preform Mould at the correct processing temperature during the injection cycle, packing and cooling throughout the molding cycle. So as to achieve no cold water, reduce the secondary processing, shorten the injection cycle, improve product consistency, to achieve mass production, reduce production costs. Followed by a relatively gentle transport of plastic melt, so that the pressure and applied to the shear stress on it to a minimum. Which can reduce the stress in the production, less injection pressure and product deformation, improve the mechanical processing capacity, etc. The above advantages can be fully automated, improve the user's production efficiency, production profits and competitiveness.

Should be based on the size of the plastic pieces and different types of rubber used to choose the appropriate hot Tsui. The supplier will generally give the maximum amount of glue for each hot nozzle relative to the different fluidity compounds. Because the compound is different, its mobility is different. In addition, we should pay attention to the size of the nozzle Tsui mouth, it not only affects the amount of shot, but also have other effects. If the nozzle mouth is too small, will extend the molding cycle; if the nozzle mouth is too large, the nozzle mouth is not easy to close, easy to salivation or drawing.

The temperature of the hot nozzle and the Hot Runner Preform Mould plate is directly related to whether the mold can operate normally, and the temperature control is generally carried out separately. Regardless of the use of internal heating or external heating, hot chui Tsui, Hot Runner Preform Mould plate temperature should be kept uniform, to prevent local cold, overheating. In addition, the heater power should be able to hot throttle, Hot Runner Preform Mould board in 0.5 ~ 1h from the normal temperature rose to the required operating temperature, heaters Tsui heating time can be shorter.

Hot Runner Preform Mould mold design after the need to put into the injection molding machine production, the choice of injection molding machine is also very important. All the automatic circulation capacity of the injection molding machine should be applied to the Hot Runner Preform Mould system. In the choice of injection molding machine with the following factors need to consider:

(1) Hot Runner Preform Mould mold due to the increase in the Hot Runner Preform Mould, more than the block flow path board, so the corresponding increase in the thickness of the mold, select the injection molding machine to pay attention to the installation of injection molding machine height.

(2) injection molding machine injection volume measurement, to take into account the large volume of flow in the plastic compression.

(3) for the Hot Runner Preform Mould mold depreciation, to promote the continuous operation of the injection molding machine, with multi-level start to reduce the bad.

Many devices are used to ensure the automatic operation of the mold, the preferred robot or simple and controllable manipulator, such as:

(1) the product needs to be placed in the mold, label or sheet to the mold.

(2) Remove the plastic parts or accelerate them out.

(3) control the movement of plastic parts and reduce the start time accessories.

(4) heating the mold before starting the injection molding machine.

(5) to reduce the time on the mold, reducing the cooling water pipes, air, circuit and Hot Runner Preform Mould temperature control box connection time.