Hot Runner Preform Mould Easy Processing, Easy Maintenance

Hot Runner Preform Mould design after the need to put into the injection molding machine production, the choice of injection molding machine is also very important. All the automatic circulation capacity of the injection molding machine should be applied to the hot runner system. In the choice of injection molding machine with the following factors need to consider:

(1) Hot Runner Preform Mould due to the increase in the hot runner, more than a block flow path board, so the corresponding increase in the thickness of the mold, select the injection molding machine to pay attention to the installation height of the injection molding machine.

(2) injection molding machine injection volume measurement, to take into account the large volume of flow in the plastic compression.

(3) for the Hot Runner Preform Mould depreciation, to promote continuous operation of the injection molding machine, with multi-level start to reduce the bad.

Many of the equipment used to ensure the automatic operation of the mold, the preferred robot or simple and controllable manipulator, such as:

(1) the product needs to be placed in the mold, label or sheet to the mold.

(2) Remove the plastic parts or speed them out.

(3) control the movement of plastic parts and reduce the start-up time accessories.

(4) before starting the injection molding machine to heat the mold.

(5) to reduce the time on the mold, reducing the cooling water pipes, gas, circuit and hot runner temperature control box connection time.

 Split plate is also called hot runner manifold It is the central part of the hot runner system, it will be the main channel nozzle to the plastic melt through the flow channel to the injection point nozzle. The manifold can fill the mold cavity evenly, the plastic balance flow, the system heat balance. Shunt plate series X type, H type, I type, Y type, K type, other and so on.

HOSTAR Hot Runner Preform Mould manifold

    Hot runner manifolds are heated in two ways, one is to heat, that is, set the heating rod in the runner, from the flow inside the heating plastic. The other is the external heating, usually in the direction parallel to the flow channel to set the heating hole, insert the heating rod or install the heating ring, from the flow channel outside the heating channel.

HOSTAR Hot Runner Preform Mould manifold

    In both cases, the internal heating method has a higher thermal efficiency, but it is likely to cause local overheating in the hot runner system and increase the melt flow resistance. Although the external heating method does not produce local overheating and flow resistance Small, easy to run the flow channel, heating device easy to buy, easy maintenance, but the heating efficiency is low.