Hot Runner Preform Mould Ensure That The Plastic Parts To Achieve Low-cost, Efficient Production

In our country vigorously popularize Hot Runner Preform Mould, we must correctly understand the advantages and disadvantages of hot runner mold, to ensure that the plastic parts to achieve low-cost, high-efficiency production.

1 The pouring system of materials, energy and labor is a large proportion of material consumption. The use of these materials two times, so that after crushing, extrusion, cutting after mixing fresh plastic parts, easy to bring into foreign bodies caused by pollution, so that two molding of the plastic parts performance reduced.

2 improve the quality of plastic parts using hot runner system, in the cavity temperature and pressure is more uniform, plastic parts stress Small, uniform density.

3 shorten the molding cycle using hot runner mold no condensate, do not need to use sanbanxi die, so that the required open and closed die travel reduction. The process of removing the gate during injection molding is omitted,Hot Runner Mould

 which simplifies the operation and is advantageous to realize the automatic production.

4 Reduce the energy loss to the minimum heat flow temperature and injector nozzle temperature is equal to avoid the raw materials in the flow of the surface condensation phenomenon,Hot Runner Mould

 thereby reducing the injection molding machine temperature and pressure debugging.

5 Automated production safety without ordinary flow, injection molding can be achieved by automation. The nozzle adopts the standard, seriation design, with a variety of alternative nozzles, with good interchangeability.

The types and applications of Hot runner system

When applying the hot runner technology, it is very important to choose the correct casting type. The casting type directly determines the selection of the Hot runner system components and the manufacture and use of the die. Therefore,Hot Runner Mould

 according to the different casting type, the Hot runner system can be divided into three types, that is, heat-tip flow system, runner system, Valve type Heat runner system, and each type of heat runner system has its important application characteristics and applicable range.

In choosing Gate and Hot Runner system, many factors need to be considered, among which the most important is the type and additive of the plastic matrix,Hot Runner Mould

the weight and size of the parts, the quality requirements of the parts, the tool life and the production requirements of the parts.