Hot Runner Preform Mould Note The Installation Height Of The Injection Molding Machine

Hot Runner Preform Mould  design after the need to put into the injection molding machine production, the choice of injection molding machine is also very important. All the automatic circulation capacity of the injection molding machine should be applied to the hot runner system. In the choice of injection molding machine with the following factors need to consider:

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(1) Hot Runner Preform Mould  due to the increase in the hot runner, more than a block flow path board, so the corresponding increase in the thickness of the mold, select the injection molding machine to pay attention to the installation height of the injection molding machine.

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(2) injection molding machine injection volume measurement, to take into account the large volume of flow in the plastic compression.

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(3) for the Hot Runner Preform Mould  depreciation, to promote continuous operation of the injection molding machine, with multi-level start to reduce the bad.

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Many of the equipment used to ensure the automatic operation of the mold, the preferred robot or simple and controllable manipulator, such as:

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(1) the product needs to be placed in the mold, label or sheet to the mold.

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(2) Remove the plastic parts or speed them out.

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(3) control the movement of plastic parts and reduce the start-up time accessories.

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(4) before starting the injection molding machine to heat the mold.

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(5) to reduce the time on the mold, reducing the cooling water pipes, gas, circuit and hot runner temperature control box connection time.

Hot runner technology is used in plastic injection mold casting flow channel system is an advanced technology, plastic injection molding process is a hot direction. The so-called Hot Runner Preform Mould ing refers to the plastic from the injection nozzle to the gate of the plastic is always kept in molten state, each time in the mold does not need to cure as waste removal, retention in the casting system of the melt can be injected at the time of injection Cavity.

The ideal injection molding system should form a uniform density of components, free from all flow paths, burrs and gates. Relatively cold runner, the hot runner to do this, it is necessary to maintain the material in the hot runner of the molten state, will not be sent with the forming parts. The hot runner process is sometimes referred to as a thermal manifold system, or a flowless molding process. Basically, the thermal manifold can be regarded as an extension of the barrel and the nozzle of the injection molding machine. The function of the hot runner system is to send the material to each gate of the mold.

What are the benefits of hot runner technology? Familiar with the injection molding process friends know that conventional injection molding often have the following unfavorable factors:

1, filling difficult.

2, thin-walled large parts of the deformation.

3, the waste of raw materials in the runner.

4, multi-cavity mold injection of different quality. Hot runner technology, the problem is to provide a more complete solution, in general, the use of hot runner has the following benefits:

1 to save raw materials, reduced into.

2 shorten the molding cycle, improve machine efficiency.

3 to improve the surface quality and mechanical properties.

4 do not have to use three-plate mold that can use the gate.

5 can be economical to side of the gate to form a single product.

6 Increase the degree of automation.

7 can be used to control the gate seal with needle valve gate.

8 multi-cavity mold injection of the same quality.

9 to improve the surface appearance of injection molded products.