Hot Runner Preform Mould Structured And Simple, Stable And Easy To Use

The Hot Runner Preform Mould is a mold which does not always solidify the melt in the flow path by means of a heating device. Because it is shorter than the traditional mold forming cycle, and more raw materials, so Hot Runner Preform Mould in today's world industrial developed countries and regions have been very widely used.

The hot runner system is divided into a fully hot runner and a semi hot runner. The design of the adiabatic runner is complex, but the effect is good and the maintenance cost is very low. Micro-semi-hot runner structure of the simple, stable and easy to use, low failure rate, because the structure is simple and therefore low maintenance costs, the stability of the production have a greater guarantee.

Open type (for miniature semi-hot runner), needle valve type (for adiabatic runner).

Hot runner system is generally composed of hot nozzles, manifolds, temperature control boxes and accessories. Hot nozzles generally include two types: open hot nozzles and needle valve hot nozzles. As the hot nozzle form directly determines the hot runner system selection and mold manufacturing, and thus often corresponding to the hot runner system is divided into open hot runner system and needle valve hot runner system. The manifold is used in a multi-cavity or multi-point feed, single-point feed but level offset. Materials are usually P20 or H13. Split plate is generally divided into standard and non-standard two categories, the structure of the cavity by the mold on the distribution of the situation, the nozzle arrangement and the gate position to decide. Temperature control box, including host, cable, connector and wiring male and female sockets. Molds are made of heaters and thermocouples, flow path seals, connectors and junction boxes.

1 to save materials, energy and labor The plastic parts of the casting system condensate material accounted for a larger proportion of material consumption. The secondary use of these coagulation, so that after crushing, extrusion, cutting materials after the incorporation of fresh plastic plastic parts, easy to bring foreign matter pollution, so that the secondary molding of plastic parts to reduce performance.

2 to improve the quality of plastic parts using hot runner system, the temperature and pressure in the cavity more uniform, plastic parts of the small, uniform density.

3 to shorten the molding cycle using Hot Runner Preform Mould no condensate, do not need to use the three plate mold, so that the required opening and closing mold stroke reduced. Eliminating the injection molding process to remove the gate of the process, so that the operation is simplified, is conducive to the realization of automated production.

4 Minimizes energy loss The hot runner temperature is the same as the nozzle temperature of the injector, which avoids the surface condensation of the raw material in the runner, thereby reducing the temperature and pressure of the injection molding machine.

5 automated safety production without ordinary flow, injection molding can be automated production. Hot nozzle with standard, serialized design, with a variety of options to choose the nozzle head, with a good interchangeability.