Jar Preform Mould With Sufficient Stiffness And Strength

The lubrication of molding process of Jar Preform Mould is the key of forming process. It plays a vital role in product quality.

The production of FRP hydrochloric acid tank is mainly hand lay-up, molding, winding and spraying four kinds of molding process. Different molding process methods have their own characteristics,Jar Preform Mould the equipment and materials used are not the same, but all need to be done with the help of the mold. It can be said that the mold in the glass fiber reinforced plastic hydrochloric acid tank production occupies a very important position.

Mold types of mold materials for the selection of molding glass fiber reinforced plastic mold, from the material is mainly divided into metal molds and non-metallic molds two major categories.

Mold commonly used metal materials are mainly steel, aluminum alloy, etc., non-metallic materials are mainly wood, FRP, gypsum, cement and so on.

Whichever material is selected, the mould must meet the following requirements:

① meet product size, accuracy,Jar Preform Mould appearance quality and quantity requirements

The material chosen by ② must ensure that the mould has sufficient rigidity and strength, not easily deformed and easily damaged.

③ the use of the process, should not be affected by the resin and auxiliary material erosion, do not affect the curing of resin, can withstand the effect of heat emitted by resin curing, not deformation

④ demoulding is easy and can be used for long time

The ⑤ material is easy to get, the price is cheap, the mold cost is low, the different material bar mold performance. Metal materials mold and non-metallic materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, in the production process,Jar Preform Mould should be based on the glass fiber reinforced plastic hydrochloric acid tank molding technology and product precision and surface quality, reasonable selection of mold materials.

1 by Use method

Mold lubrication coating on its use of different methods, divided into manual brushing and mechanical spraying two kinds. However, the current foreign mechanical spraying has not been fully promoted.

2 According to the use part

The use of the site is divided into: initial mold pre-coating spray coating; hand-brushing universal mold lubrication paint, specially used in the pressure-blowing method wide-mouth bottle lubrication paint, specialized for small glass bottles and die-specific lubrication coating, special for the specific type,Jar Preform Mould special large-scale glass bottle of the initial mold lubrication coating; The bottle shoulder crack special rubber agent and so on many different grades product kind.