Needle Valve Preform Mould The Scope Of Application Is More And More Extensive

Hot runner mold compared with the ordinary channel mold, with high injection molding efficiency, good quality plastic molding and saving raw materials, etc., with the development of the plastics industry, hot runner technology is constantly evolving, its application is also more and more widely.

Hot runner is through the heating method to ensure that the flow channel and the gate of the plastic to maintain the molten state. As in the vicinity of the flow channel or center with a heating rod and heating ring, from the injection nozzle to the gate of the entire flow channel are in a high temperature state, so that the flow of plastic to keep melting, after stopping generally do not need to open the channel out of the condensate Material, and then boot the heating channel only to the required temperature can be.

Hot runner injection molding in the 20th century, 50 years come out, after a long period of promotion, its application penetration increased year by year. In the mid-1980s, the hot runner molds in the United States accounted for 15% to 17% of the total injection molds, 12% to 15% in Europe and about 10% in Japan, but in the 1990s, the hot melt molds Accounting for more than 40%, in large-scale injection molds accounted for more than 90%. China's hot runner companies in recent years have sprung up, but there is still a huge gap between advanced technology in China and industrialized countries, and we need to continue to pursue.

2. Development trend of manifold

At present, the design of the splitter is still dominated by external heat, accounting for the vast majority of the market share. There is still a lot of advocates because of the ease of operation and low cost. Rheology theory and technology development, so that the external flow of the manifold easy to control, can be expected future high-end mold will choose external thermal manifold.

3. The development trend of Needle Valve Preform Mould  type hot mouth

The development of the needle-type hot mouth is mainly reflected in the valve needle drive mode, after several decades of development, and now the Needle Valve Preform Mould -type hot mouth drive compared with the past has been a great development, the current main hydraulic drive , Pneumatic drive, electromagnetic drive and valve needle plate as a whole floating several ways. Electromagnetic drive to overcome the hydraulic drive may leak the shortcomings, has been used in dust-free workshop and other places where the requirements of the environment. Pneumatic drive is developed for a cylinder that drives the four valve pins. Cylinder standard parts of the design makes the mold processing becomes simple, before the high-precision cylinder hole processing from the template to cancel, the cylinder processing by the hot runner suppliers to complete.

4. Development trend of hot runner system

(1) miniaturization of components

The miniaturization of the components is one of the main directions of the future development of injection molds, which can achieve precision injection molding. Hot runner mold shrink nozzle, you can achieve a multi-cavity or multi-gate filling, thereby improving the efficiency of use. Since the 1990s, many companies have been using the miniaturization of components, the successful development of a combination of multi-nozzle or multi-gate nozzle. The current Needle Valve Preform Mould  nozzle minimum distance can be done 25mm. Figure 6 shows a 32 bottle cap needle mouth mold, the material for the PP, 150 tons of injection molding machine, plastic parts sorting distance of 25mm, hot runner Biaxial manifold design, Needle Valve Preform Mould  hot mouth, a cylinder drive four valve needle, effectively save space distance.

(2) standardization of components

Hot runner mold structure is complex and costly. Standardization of components can effectively improve the use of components cycle, reduce costs, more easy to repair the components. The most important point is that it is more conducive to hot runner

(3) precise temperature control

The quality of the plastic parts is very good in relation to the temperature in the injection molding process. The key technology of the hot runner mold injection molding is the control of the temperature of the runner and the gate. Therefore, you can combine a variety of technologies such as heat pipe technology to improve the accuracy of the temperature control device, so that all parts of the heat more balanced, which can better improve the quality of plastic products.

(4) the use of the generalization

As the hot runner technology has the advantages of saving resources, improving production efficiency and improving product quality, improving its use range is the main development direction of its future. To this end, combined with its development status and other injection molding technology, requires the development of new molding processes, such as multi-color co-injection, laminated hot runner injection, to meet the requirements of more materials to enhance the practicality of hot runner technology, Technology in the use of injection mold has been a few decades of history, because of its high product quality, low energy consumption, short molding cycle, a high degree of automation, wide range of unparalleled advantages, so the development of fast, Many countries have been widely used. China has also made a lot of achievements in hot runner technology research. At the same time, due to the lack of key technology, "the lack of standardized production of the original and other reasons, China's hot runner technology research and development is still in its infancy, the penetration rate is relatively low! I believe that with the development of China's injection industry, hot runner in China will be faster The speed of development applications.

5. Concluding remarks

Hot runner technology in the application of injection mold will be rapidly popular, while the technical requirements of the hot runner will be higher, as the domestic hot runner enterprises in the technical aspects must be in accordance with international technical requirements to meet customer requirements, so long-term development. It requires the development of materials with good heat transfer and high mechanical strength at high temperatures, as well as materials that meet abrasive, corrosive plastic molding requirements. In addition, the use of titanium alloy and reflective aluminum foil to achieve insulation, so that power consumption and heat loss is minimized.