Plastic Injection Mould To Ensure That The Stripping Mechanism Movement Is Smooth And Reliable

First, the definition of Plastic Injection Mould

       Plastic Plastic Injection Moulding used in the mold known as Plastic Injection Moulding , referred to as Plastic Injection Mould. The Plastic Injection Mould can be molded once in a complex shape, with a high size or a plastic product with an insert.

      "Seven points mold, one-third of the process." For Plastic Injection Moulding, molds and Plastic Injection Moulding machines have a great impact on the quality of molded products, and even the mold can be said to have a greater effect than the Plastic Injection Moulding machine. If the mold is not fully understood at the time of Plastic Injection Moulding, Excellent molded product.

Second, the structure of Plastic Injection Mould

      The structure of the Plastic Injection Mould is determined by the type of the Plastic Injection Moulding machine and the structural characteristics of the plastic parts. Each mold is composed of dynamic mold and fixed mold. The mold is installed on the moving plate of the Plastic Injection Moulding machine, and the mold is installed on the fixing plate of the Plastic Injection Moulding machine. When the mold is fixed, the mold and the mold are closed to form the pouring system and the cavity. When the mold is separated, Pieces remain on the side of the dynamic mode, and then set in the dynamic mold within the mold release mechanism out of plastic parts. Depending on the role of the various parts in the mold, a set of Plastic Injection Moulds can be divided into the 

six parts:

1, forming parts

Parts that give the shape, structure, and size of the forming material are usually made of a core (punch), a die cavity, and a threaded core, insert, and the like.

2, pouring system

It is the channel through which the molten plastic is directed from the injection nozzle to the closed mold cavity, usually consisting of the main flow path, the manifold, the gate and the cold material well.

3, guide parts

In order to ensure that the dynamic mode and the mold is closed when the precise alignment can be set to guide the components, from the guide positioning, it is composed of the guide column and guide sleeve, and some mold is also set on the top plate guide parts, The stripping mechanism moves smoothly and reliably.

4, stripping mechanism

To achieve the plastic parts and casting system stripping device, its structure in many forms, the most commonly used thimble, pipe jacking, roof and pneumatic ejector and other stripping mechanism, generally by the mandrel, reset rod, slingshot, Roof (top ring) and roof guide column / guide sleeve and other components.

5, mold temperature adjustment system

In order to meet the Plastic Injection Moulding process on the mold temperature requirements, the need for mold temperature adjustment system heating rod to adjust the mold temperature.

6, exhaust system

In order to smooth the gas within the cavity, often in the mold parting and set of inserts with the opening of the exhaust slot.

Other structural parts

(Such as fixing plate, moving / setting plate, supporting column, supporting plate and connecting screw, etc.) to meet the requirements of the mold structure.