Plastic Pallet Applied To All Walks Of

Plastic pallets is mainly used in chemical, petrochemical, food, water, goods, feed, electronics, food and beverage, stereo-warehousing, logistics and other occupational, plastic pallet fork on all sides, convenient, long using life and can be recycled, convenience transfer jobs such as forklifts, hydraulic pallet trucks.
Plastic trays for all types of truck delivery, containerized, cellular transport of materials, non-slip rubber in cooperation, ensure that the material does not slip in the process of transferring and transporting, plastic pallets is not suitable for stacking with each other in a warehouse, also suitable for use in all types of shelves, the use of safe, clean, mothproof, without patching.
Companies use recyclable plastic pallets loss lower than the cost of purchasing disposable wooden pallets, plastic pallet handling quality issues when using wooden pallets, no insect bites, no corrosion, and excellent company use plastic pallets can advance the security of goods, packing cycle advance corporate environmental and social responsibility.