Talking About The Prospects For Hollow Plastic Tray

1. light and robust:
For China all place climate conditions, now has variety HMWHDPE plastic can for high strength blow plastic tray of forming, as Xinjiang dushanzi petrochemical produced of 5420, and Shandong qilu petrochemical produced of 1158, plastic, selection domestic super large hollow forming machine produced line as: TDB-2000L, and TDB-1600L, super large hollow blow plastic once forming equipment blow plastic forming, its finished hollow blow plastic tray than wood quality, and iron, and injection tray
Lightweight, strong and durable, used lower-cost.
2. uniform wall thickness:
Large blow moulding machine blow molding equipment, installation of 100 point axial wall thickness control device, ensures a tray of two bearing uniform wall thickness distribution, guarantee a more stable and reliable.
3. clean:
The clean inspection request, excellent weather resistance, chemical resistance, easy to clean, disinfect, and not moldy.
4. Security:
Fancy goods and no nails, thorns, maintenance-free operation, space and good handling. Impact-resistant, antistatic, no conflict sparks. Suitable for flammable materials and the transport of dangerous goods storage.
5. the economy:
Without repair. Can be used more than 5 years in succession, life expectancy is 15 times times the wood pallet.