Tips For Buying Blow Molded Tray Should Pay Attention To

New appearance of blow molded tray
1, no edges, blow molded tray looks stabbed.
2, color uniformity, no dark spots, impurities.
3, blow molded tray brightness, harmony.
4, patience, and slightly elastic.
5, trampled or hitting the corner crack
Increase the blow molding of plastic filler trays appearance:
Plastic filler like talcum powder (white) than the new material (white) to be much cheaper, increase in, can make blow molded tray looks shiny look brighter, as the saying goes a bit false, is not normal, and lower production costs. This kind of blow molded tray and many people have mistaken for a new material, but this kind of blow molded tray life contrast short and very difficult to reach agreement that contains components and even added some back into the plastic tray.