16 Cavities Jar Pet Preform Mold

16 Cavities Jar Pet Preform Mold
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Chapter 5. Injection process

5.1 Points for attention in injection

A. The front filling section of the injection pressure can adopt high pressure and high speed, and the back pressure holding section must adopt the lowest possible pressure and medium speed to ensure the finish of the bottle embryo. (Note: thin-walled bottle embryo should not be used with a large number of injections, and the pressure and speed must be as low as possible, otherwise the bottle embryo is likely to cause problems such as shrinkage, poor finish, and eccentricity.)

B. The temperature of the main channel should not be too high, generally between 240 ° C and 270 ° C. If the temperature of the main channel is too high, the bottle embryo is prone to silver streaks, crystals, and foggy white at the bottom. Therefore, a lower molding temperature should be used as much as possible.

C. Injection or holding time should not be too long, just enough to fill the bottle embryo is appropriate, too long injection or holding time will cause the embryo is eccentric, bottom crystal and quality instability.

D. The raw materials must be dried sufficiently dry, and the plasticizing temperature of the screw must be adjusted to fully plasticize the material to be injected, which can be observed during the cleaning. (Note: The hot runner is only used as a constant temperature, not relying on its temperature to plasticize the material.)

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