24cavities Pet Preform Mold

24cavities Pet Preform Mold
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Chapter 4. Matters of routine maintenance 

4.1 Bottle embryo

A. Compare the bottle embryo with the product drawing (confirm size).

B. Check the surface of the bottle embryo for lines, burrs and inclusions, bubbles, pores, etc.

C. Check if the gate has wire drawing, whitening and yellowing.

4.2 Mold surface

A. All molding surfaces and mold parting surfaces, including vent holes and tapered surfaces, must be free of debris, otherwise the mold may be damaged and must be cleaned once a day.

B. Check if the core or cavity has condensed water. If there is condensation, it will cause corrosion of the mold and damage to the surface quality of the bottle embryo.

4.3 Hot runner

A. Check the hot runner for leakage.

B. Check if cables and connectors are damaged or loose.


4.4 Water,gas pipeline

A. Check the cooling system for leaks or blockages, including cores, cavities and spikes.

B. Check the gas path for leakage.

4.5 Iubrication

A. Check the sliding surface for smooth and any tension.

B. Guide bushing and demultifying guide rod must be cleaned and lubricated every day.

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