48 Cavity Pet Preform Mold

48 Cavity Pet Preform Mold
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Chapter 2. Installation of Mold

2.1 Installation

A. Install existing coupling bars and mold safety devices onto the mold (figure 1).

B. The mold is first positioned on the injection guide hole of the machine fixed template.

C. Install the ejector rod.

D. Close the mold.

E. After closing the mold, install the bolts of the die and the moving template.

F. Unload the connection bar.

G. Open the mold.

H. Bolt the ejector rod to the die pushing board.

I. Connecting cooling water pipes, air pipes and cables.

J. Check the sealing of water and gas lines.

K. Check the opening and closing performance of the valve needle (must first open the main channel temperature to 200 ~ 250 , gate temperature to 140-1603 minutes later. The cooling water must be opened in advance before the valve needle can be opened.

L. The hot runner shall not be heated when it is not necessary, and the heating must be filled with water.

M. Nozzle temperature special attention, the nozzle heating ring can only be about to start (5 to 10 minutes) before heating, and immediately shut down when the shutdown.


2.2 Disassembly / Storage

A. Remove the mold from the machine, cool it to room temperature, and clean it thoroughly to remove all residual plastic.

B. The mold to the surface of the application of clean soft cloth cleaning.

C. Emptying all cooling water and blowing dry with air.

D. Mold storage, need to spray with antirust agent.

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