Preform Moulding Machine

Preform Moulding Machine
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1. Pet material traits :

(1) Good at to stop the air.

(2) High Pressure resistance, creep resistance.

(3) More impact.

(4) Good transparency and surface gloss.

(5) It is odorless and perfumed

(6) The safety on food sanitation, and beautiful, form is easy, had been applied extensively on food container.

2. Pet material characteristic.

As a polymer, the most important characteristic of PET  its molecular weight, The number of homogeneous molecules in the PET molecular chain. The longer the number of molecular chain links is the better the physical properties of PET .PET is a crystalline resin with a specific gravity is about 1.4, a melting point is 245℃, and a molding temperature is about 290~315℃.we must pay attention for characteristics for pet granules.(1) molecular weight;(2) acetaldehyde content;(3) diethylene glycol content;(4) carboxyl group;(5) percentage of copolymer;(6) melting point;(7) glass transfer point;(8) crystallinity.